born Felix 13/07/03 Bromley 15/6/01 and died Felix 03/08/03 Bromley 03/11/03.
Remembered by Mummy (Nikki) Daddy (Jack) Auntie( Hannah ) Auntie (Rebecca) and Auntie (Talitha):
FELIX JOSEPH ANDERSON we lost Felix due to Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) he joined the stars and the moon age 3 weeks old, he would be 4 months old now i miss him like crazy this is a song that i played at his funeral the celebration of Felix's very short but very happy life Celine Dion-Fly Fly,fly precious one your endless journey has begun take you gentle happiness far too beautiful for this fly fly do not fear don't waste a breath don't shed a tear be on your way don't wait for me the moon will rise the sun will set but i won't forget. BROMLEY JASON ANDERSON we lost Bromley exactly 4 months after Felix he died of a more tragic accident this one night he wanted some chocolate but i wouldn't let him so he started to have the old famous terrible two tantrum he didn't know his own strength and pulled the TV right on top of him he joined his brother aged just 2 years the same night. R.I.P my precious boys mummy and daddy loves you we'll never forget you my little angels playing together on the stars and clouds lots of love mummy and daddy P.S thanks for the gift we will name if a boy after you Ryan Felix Bromley or if you send us a girl Tiffany-Amber Meghan i love you boys xxx


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