born MAY 22,2003 and died MAY22,2003.
Remembered by Mommy,Daddy,Logan(10),and Austin(7):
To my special little angel I cherished carrying for 28 weeks. You kicked mommy when I sang to you and rubbed my tummy. You gave me so much joy along the way although doctors told me from week 16 when I lost my amniotic fluid around you that you only had a 5 percent chance of survival. All I wanted was to try and see if we could make it but God decided to take you where there are no problems and you would be in his arms. Although I know you have everything in heaven mommy misses you when I see another little boy your age. The pain seems endless and unbearable sometime just knowing you would have been beside me when Im on the beach picking up shells or some place where there is lots of laughter.I cant complain because there are many good memories of you.After I had you and you went to be with Jesus you laid in my arms and glowed like a light. Thanks for helping me make it as far as we did.We went way past the doctors expectations. I Love you!


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