born 12th July 2000 and died 14th July 2000.
Remembered by Mummy and little sister Lydia. xxxx:
To Louis, my first born, a very special son. I'm so proud of you, I just wish you could be here to share your life with me and your little sister Lydia. We talk about you and visit you often, you're still very much part of our lives. I miss you SO much, you're 3 now. I wish I could see your eyes and hold your hand, tickle you and take you to the park, the things we all expect to do with our children. I realise I'll never feel any different, I love you and that's why it hurts to be without you. Your two days are a precious memory I keep in my heart. Love you sweetpea. Mummy xxxxx and little sister Lydia. xxxxx


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