stillborn December 4th, 2003.
Remembered by Ted and Joanna Anderson (Daddy and Mommy):
We lost our son two days ago and now we are left with wishes of a life for him that will never be. I stuggle with the thought that I'll never heal and that no other child will fill the hole that Joseph Michael could fill before we even knew him at all. I miss him though I never got to hold him. My pain of labor does not compare to the pain of knowing that the child I was delivering for 19 hours was already with God and would never be able come home with us. I don't feel anyone understands that we loved him even though we never got to see his eyes, his smile or his laugh. Every baby we see tears us apart and we fear that we will never stop aching for our son. May the angels in heaven hold him, rock him and kiss him just as we long to do.


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