miscarried October 13th.
Remembered by Matt and Colleen Klym:
To our first baby, You were quite a little surprise blessing our life with delight and wonder, dreams of the future, and the nervousness that all first time parents experience. You took over our world in three short weeks. Plans concerning work, school, and the house began to take shape around you. We sang together, read together, and enjoyed nature together. Your daddy would kiss and pat my belly showing affection for you. He was scared but his smile was bright. I was scared too but ready, ready to do whatever it took to be your mommy and to help you feel happy and loved............ You had to leave on October 13th. I miss you. I miss the dream of your future and the reality of your presense. Where did you go? Why did you go? These are questions I will never know for sure. I try to trust that in time I will understand whatever this lesson is but I miss you. I ache for you. It's not easy. I feel you were a little girl, an old soul, quite patient. Some people say horrible insensitive things. Help me be patient with them. You loved sunsets. It's strange, I was suppossed to be your mom but I feel you've taught me more in the time you were here then I could have ever taught you. I hope we meet someday. I hope we hug. You will forever be remembered, a part of our hearts and a part of our family. Thank you for coming even if it was just for a short while. Thank you for coming to us............... your mommy and daddy. We love you and if you decide to come again, we will be here waiting with open arms.


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