born November 18, 1998 at 6:06 pm and died November 18, 1998 at 6:18 pm.
Remembered by Jason, Emily, Brittany, and Shelby Asher and the rest of our families:
The Doctors told us repeatedly that Nicholas wouldn't make it, don't do anything to help him, that there was little to no hope. But we had to hope, to help--Nicholas is our baby! We talked to him every night in Emily's belly and I know he heard us. Every time we talked to him or rubbed him through her he moved, letting us know he was still there waiting to see us. The day came early, at almost 25 weeks, we were both so excited. We just knew he was going to be fine. The doctor's, again, warned us not to try cesarian but Emily wanted to give Nicholas every opportunity available. They tried to stave off labor to no avail and around 5:00 started prepping Em for his birth. The doctors took her away to get everything arranged, all the neo-natalogists, NICU staff, and nurses stood by. I was called in and it was happening. I rubbed Emily's head, talked to her as best I could, then as if nothing happened, there he was, on the incubator. I couldn't hear a thing, waiting to hear my child's cry, only to finally hear one of the doctor's asking for another syringe then a nurse squeezing the resuscitation bag, still no cry. Then one of the doctor's came over and told me that there was nothing they could do any further, Nicholas' heart just wouldn't pick up and he couldn't breathe. They told me I could hold him. My heart broke that instant and I don't think it will ever heal. Holding my beautiful baby, he grabbed my finger and looked at me, he was absolutely perfect. I let my wife hold him and forever I will know that he held on just long enough to touch the both of us, because right after she was able to hold and kiss him he passed on. We are trying to cope as best we can for each other and our children, but it's hard and some days seem even harder. I'm writing this to let everyone know about our beautiful son and how much we will always love him.


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