miscarried July 20, 1998.
Remembered by your Mommie, Daddy, and big brother Lang:
There are so many things mommie wants to tell you, but I feel you already know them. Those few short weeks in my womb, we shared the same heart. You already know how much you were wanted and loved. I know that you are with Jesus. Tell me Angel Baby, do you come visit your big brother Langston through out the day? Is that why he sometimes smiles for no reason? Mommie is wanting to hold you so badly, Baby. Please know that the tears I shed are tears of love. You will never be forgotten, Angel. You were in my womb only a few short weeks, but will be in my heart forever. Mommie will come for you one day sweetie. Jesus will decide when I will come to Heaven to raise you. Until then, my sweet one, shine bright in sky so I can see you. Come visit mommie in her dreams. I love you with all my heart and soul.
Until we are together again....Mommie


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