born December 23, 1999 and died December 23, 1999.
Remembered by Dad:
My son, You fought so hard, I hate to see you not here with us. I can only think that God may have his will with you. I just want to say that we love you. We love you so much because you were made of love. Part me, part your mom. You would have had all the love in the world from us. We would have been great parents to you. I miss you already as if you were with me my whole life and yet I only saw you once. As I cry right now, I think of how you were suppose to scream and keep me up all night and I use to tell people "I can't wait until he does." Now everything that I've dreamed of has disappeared overnight. I miss you and feel better about death because I'll be with you someday. You were part of my life time goals, to raise you, hold you. I'll love you always. Dad


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