born December 27, 1994 and died April 14, 1996.
Remembered by grandmother Teresa Q. Johnson:
I first heard your cry in the LAX airport in January 1995. You sounded like a kitten, your cry was so shrill. I was hoping you and your mother, Puddin' would come and live with me. However at the last minute, Puddin' changed her mind. Throughout 1996, I had a chance to coo with you over the phone. My ears heard your small voice. My eyes caressed your photographs. The only time my arms held you, was in death. Funny how things work out. Your granny just wants to say" thank-you". Thank you for helping your mother make a positive change in her life. Thank you for bringing Puddin' and I a little closer. Thank you Jasmine, for bringing a brief period of happiness in the life of Puddin'. We both miss you and that's just the way it is. You are gone but not forgotten. Maybe I'll never understand why you left so suddenly, maybe I am not supposed to either.
Thank You, Granny


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