stillborn December 24, 1996.
My son, you were with me for a short time but the bond we shared will last forever in my heart. I remember the first time I heard you heart beat, it made my own heart race. Then in the hospital the nurses checked for you heart beat, it was stronger than ever, 157 bpm. I didn't know then that those beats would be your last. It was true though, but God still allowed me to hold you. You were so small (only 21 weeks), but perfect. Your tiny hands and feet, fingers and toes. I touched your soft lips and you cute little nose. I wish I could have seen you eyes, but I'm sure they were beautiful like your dads. Such a small child, such a short life.
My son, my baby, my love of my life, gone to heaven to be with Jesus.
I know you will be well taken care of. I love you Josiah!
Love, Mommy


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