born May 16, 1999 and died May 16, 1999.
Remembered by your mommy and daddy:
Our two beautiful girls, how precious and perfect you both looked. Your fingers and toes, your tiny little noses, just perfect. You both have such a lasting picture in my mind. I have been blessed with the ability to carry two such special children inside of me, to feel you both grow, and move, and to be able to recognize your individual personalities. Our hearts have been shattered, and we're not sure that pain will ever heal. You both will have a piece of our hearts forever, all your own. Learning to live without you, such a gaping whole, I pray that God will give us the strength to go on, and we are relieved to know that you both are with Him, we feel very blessed to have two special angels watching over us. Our hopes, our dreams, our only desires, to be your parents, and to love you both forever. We are so sorry that you both had to leave. Please take care of each other. Creating you both was our finest accomplishment. "We love you forever, we love you always, our babies you'll be"... Butterfly kisses to the moon and back...We love you, goodnight...


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