miscarried 1-21-04.
Crying in my sleep... all I do is weep. Ever since i found out you wasn't with us anymore, you'll always be in my heart. Are you really gone? My heart refuses to believe but yet I feel a strain like no other an emptiness that rings much to were not supposed to leave me...a vow you had made, but now your dancing days are over, and you leave as quickly as you heart is slowly bleeding, from the puncture you have left, I relly on my breathing...I have no thump thump in my chest, I stare up at heaven Wishing you was here to be with me. I dream about being with you day through day. Just thinking of you keeps me alive through every hard day. I wish I could hold your hand And take you away from every pain you endure. I long to be with you, Holding you in my arms, Feeling your soft skin, Running my fingers through your hair,Just staring down into your angel eyes.It's what I pray from God, Just to be with you every day. If I could give my life to you, I would give it.I would give up my life for you in a second, Just for my sweet, sweet rose.My pain is real- as real as this rain that falls on me.Cold inside and wet,not from the rain, but from my tears.My Heart Canít Take The Beating.I Just Want It All To End.


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