born April 11, 1998 and died April 11, 1998.
Remembered by Renee Monke-Your mommy:
A little life, but what a big surprise. Could handle doing this alone? I had just come to terms with it being just you and I. Then a bigger surprise, you were coming and I was only 23 weeks along. I tried and prayed for you to stay inside me longer longer, I'm sorry I let you down. You came into this world so tiny and frail. You fought so hard, an hour and a half, to stay with me. Now I will never get the chance to see you grow up, but you were needed in heavan. You helped your brother Austin fight for life when he was born at only 24 weeks. He is so big and strong now, THANK YOU. You will always be my first baby boy and I will NEVER forget or stop loving you. Braydon Ronald Harrison, loving and sadly missed my your mommy.


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