stillborn February 14, 2004.
Remembered by Mike and Amber Drosieko, Parents of Baby Drosieko:
Dear Baby Drosieko, It is hard to cope with the fact that we lost you before we even knew you. At nineteen weeks gestation, we were eager to find out if you were a boy or a girl. We went in for our usual, monthly visit to find you without a heartbeat. At that moment in time, our hearts stopped beating too. Why? What went wrong? What did we do? All of these questions are still in our mind. We will forever remember you, as a picture of you will forever be in our hearts and minds. Remember all the love we have for you, our first baby. Pappy Zake will take care of you in heaven until Daddy and I come and join you. Bless you, sweet baby. We will constantly send our love up to heaven. We love you for eternity! Love, Mommy and Daddy


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