stillborn January 20, 2004.
Remembered by Mom (Raman) and Daddy (Hark):
My darling son. You were so eagerly awaited! On Friday I felt a few contractions and was so excited for the possibility of your early (2 weeks) arrival! On Sunday we were told you would not be with us. The vibrant movements that brought so much joy were no more and our world fell apart. The shock and the pain, my darling, are still with us. My heart is broken and I mourn for you. Being able to hold you and touch you was indescribable. I left you sleeping my jaan(life). I left you in your peaceful slumber. But your face and hands are forever etched into my memory. Especially every time I see your big brother. You and your brother looked very much alike and it would have been so blissful seeing you play and watching you grow up together. I feel you will be back to me, my darling. God saved us all from a greater pain but taught us to remember Him as nothing is ours; all is His. You are His and he has called you back. God bless your soul. We will always ache for you.


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