miscarried September 20, 2000.
Remembered by Charles and Brandy Dale:
I lost my precious son, after carrying him for 20 weeks. He was my third pregnancy, the little brother to two beautiful girls. He will always be remembered and we know we will see him in heaven. The following poem has been published in rememberence of him: I felt you move,I felt you squirm, I knew you were a miracle from above. How badly I wanted to see you, See this miracle we created in Love. Then one day you stopped your squirming, And my heart started yearning. I knew something was wrong, My heart started to sing a sad song. When the doctor said your heart had stopped, At that moment mine also stopped. Knowing you would never be in my arms, Knowing I would never see you walk, Knowing I would never hear you talk. I carried you inside me, Just to have you taken from me. We will see each other in heaven, Then I can hold you in my arms forever. I love you, Baby, And I always will. Brandy C Dale


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