stillborn March 28, 04.
Remembered by Louis, Kirsten, Karrmen, Kaitlin, and Kalee:
When I found out I was pregnant my family and I were very happy. When I was 16 weeks we learned that our 3 daughters were going to have another baby sister. I have been bleeding through the whole pregnancy and the doctors could not figure out why. My daughters starting falling in love with the baby wanted to be near her and listening to her heart beat and feeling her kick. On March 28, 04 I was 27 weeks. I didn't realize that I was in labor with Marissa. I didn't know what to do because I had her at home in my bathroom. When she came out I realized she was not breathing I started CPR on her hoping she would start breathing but she never retained to the CPR. The ambulance crew took her from my arms and tranfered her to the hospital. It was very hard telling my daugters that her sister has gone to heaven and I am still having a hard time telling them. There is one thing that we do know and that is we will never forget her, she will always be in our hearts, and we will always love her in heaven or on earth.


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