stillborn 06th September 2003.
Remembered by His Mummy & Daddy (Angie & Sebastian):
This message is dedicated to the memory of our beloved son Matthew Tyler Domingo. We waited 9 years for you to arrive and we were so excited about having you. Your name means “God's Gift“ and that is exactly what you are. You were sent as a gift to show us that we can fall pregnant. Thank You Lord for our beautiful,wonderful son. Thank You for choosing us as Matthew's parents and may he know that he will always be OUR FIRST TRUE LOVE, always and forever. Our love for him will last eternally and we pray that the love we have for him will be spread to his brother or sister some day. God bless your soul our very own Baby Angel. We cannot wait to meet you and hold you some day. Your Mum & Dad Eternally in love


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