born January 19, 2004 and died February 13, 2004.
Remembered by Frank, Nneka & Eriyana:
With much anticipation, we awaited your arrival. Your Mommy, Your Daddy and Your Big Sister were so excited. We listened to your heartbeat. We felt your little kicks. We knew deep in our hearts that you would be a Perfect Fit. With much anticipation, we planned with you to play. We expected to see your little face around the 7th of May. We knew you’d be something. We knew you’d be great. So we ask God to please guide us, and show us His Grace. With much expectation, we prayed that you’d be fine. You were born at 24 weeks and had a massive mountain to climb. We knew the road would be long, and the struggles would be great. Risking it all, it was a journey we prepared to take. With much frustration, our hearts began to ache. Your little body was getting tired and you just needed a break. We tried to keep it together. We tried to stay strong. But deep in our hearts we knew things had started going wrong. With great disappointment, our lives are forever changed. God decided to take you back after letting us have you for only 25 days. You are back in God’s hands and for that we are truly thankful, and For the time we shared on earth, we will ALWAYS be very grateful.


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