stillborn February 5, 2004.
Remembered by Your Parents and Big Brother and the extended family you never got the chance to meet:
When we found out that you were coming, I second guessed my self. I didn't know how I would share my self with you and your brother. For three years it had only been me and him. As our pregnancy went on I found that it came as naturally as loving you. I would have done anything to save you baby girl. Even though you were taken from us,so unexpectedly, you will never be forgotten. You are still a big part of our family, and you are not even here,I can only imagine how much more you would have affected us had you had the chance to stay. Your daddy was scared of having a little girl- he said he would was sure he would be over protective of you. Now you get to be protective of him. You will always be his little girl, his angel. I wish you had a chance to meet him. You be good mamma, have fun when you play with angels. No pulling hair or biting. I can't wait to see you again and hold you in my arms. We love you.


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