stillborn Feb. 5, 2004.
Remembered by Mo-Mo & Poe-Poe Charlie:
My little Lexy-Lou, how I yearn to be able to see you, if just for awhile. God had other plans for you. You are the piece of our puzzle we will always miss. I look to the heavens and hope that you will know we love you so much, although I can't see you, I carry you in my heart and I need for you to know that you have a lot of neat cousins and a wonderful big brother whom are a part of you. Please remember to look for Wuelo Arredondo, he will be the one who will have his arms stretched out waiting for you to walk right into them. I love you, Lexy. I love you so much. We long to see you, we long to touch. God needed an angel, so He gave you wings! I don't understand, Nena, but come see me in my dreams. Just a glimpse, is all I ask. Love you baby, Mo-Mo-Charlie


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