born April 13, 1998 and died April 13, 1998.
Remembered by Daddy, Mommy, Alexa-Jo and Kaelah:
Our family lost our sweet baby boy the morning after Easter. I was 36 weeks into my pregnancy when I suffered an abruption. We had a small funeral for our son and on the day of his funeral I was noticeably upset. My youngest daughter, Kaelah came to me and said, "Mommy why are you crying?" I told her that I did not want Baby Josiah to be dead. Her response has given me great understanding of how I should view the loss of our baby. She said to me,"But Mommy, don't you want him to be happy? He's in heaven with Jesus!" What a great picture. Our Josiah has no pain, just joy everlasting in the arms of Jesus.


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