stillborn 10/26/74.
Remembered by Parents, Marilyn & Don Barto and brother Kevin:
Though we never got to see you or hold you, you both are in our hearts forever. It took us many years to grieve you and we finally named you last year. Your brother Kevin has joined you in Heaven since June 8, 1997. He battled a difficult disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Perhaps you both would have had this disease and suffered as much as he did. We wish that we had been given the chance to hold you and have momentoes of your births, but hospitals did not know how to handle those things then. We should have been given our options, even though you were born still. We should have taken care of you ourselves and buried you. We should have had footprints, and pictures, and baby bracelets, and baby hats or blankets. So we have made some momentoes for you and created a book for you. We have learned so much about grief since Kevin died. It is a difficult journey, but one we have survived. Now we like to help others who are new to this grief journey.


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