stillborn march 26th 2004.
Remembered by mommy and daddy and sisters, Jennifer and Kasey and Jason and Skyler:
Oh where do i start. Kaleb. i miss you so much sweetie. I have a picture of you and you look like the sweetest angel i have ever seen. You made it here to your 36th month and then left us to be with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Our sweet Jesus. You were too special for this place my angel and so God saw fit to transport you to eternity prematurely. But for you it wasn't premature because you had already filled your requirements for a perfect angel. I sure do miss you little guy and your brothers and sisters and dadda can't wait to be reunited with you in Heaven for all eternity. Although it may seem like it's a long time till then it's realy not compared to everlasting eternity. Until then my sweet little angel baby. we love an dmiss you sooooooooo very much.


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