born Febuary 24, 1980 and died July 18, 1980.
Remembered by Mommy and:
Oh my son you were only 4 1/2 months old when I lost you. Oh, how sick you were since you were born. The day the angel came and took you home was the hardest day I had to face. I alone didn't want to let you go but deep in my heart i knew it was for the best as you would be in a better place and free of all the illness you had. I think of you every day and now you have a brother and 3 sisters who asks about you. I explain that you are home in heaven and safe from all pain. That you are with your family safe in god's arms. You may be gone but never forgotten as we speak of you often. The deary days of coming to the hospital to be by your side is replaced with the thought of you having your wings looking over all of us. Scotty, if love could have saved you you would be here still but the angels above knew they needed you more. One day my precious son we shall meet again and be able to hug each other til we do mommy loves you and misses you so.


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