stillborn March 26th, 2004.
Remembered by Your Mommy Jessica DeJesus:
I lost my twin boys in utero at 26 weeks gestation. When told my little boys had passed away, my whole entire world fell apart right before my eyes. So many plans gone down the drain. When I gave birth to them, they both looked so peaceful and fragile that I automatically knew that my life would never be the same again. The tears I cried at that moment and the many days after were tears of both sadness because I wouldn't have them in my arms to hold forever and of some joy because I knew I am going to have two guardian angels watching over me for the rest of my life. I will never forget their hiccups, kicks, and the flutters they gave me within my tummy. I'll never forget the times I saw them on the ultrasound monitor and how they filled my life with lots of joy. At their memorial and funeral service, I made sure to tell everyone how much I love my little boys, Wan Jr. and Christian, and that they will live with me for many years to come. I know that they are playing in heavens gardens right now and watching over me, comforting me. I visited their burial site almost every day while back at home and I sat there and spoke to them about everything and anything and I knew they were listening to every word of it. I know that one day I will be reacquainted with them and I must say I cannot wait for that day to come. A loss I have experienced and two angels I have gained. I LOVE YOU Wansalio Joseph Alteus Jr. and Christian Wilfred Alteus.


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