miscarried June 13, 1998 and June 17, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and your big brothers Aaron, Christian, and Austin:
For our two special babies who have passed away: We love both of you very much! Your big brothers and both Mommy and Daddy were looking forward to holding you in our arms. We will never forget you! You have touched our lives in a way I thought wasn't possible. I look forward to the day when I will hold you in my arms and our family will finally be complete. I wish we didn't have to say farewell to you so quickly. I do see you in my dreams. Until the day I see you for the first time I will let you grow in my heart as you would have on this earth. In my heart my dear Katrina is now 5 months old and my special Caleb is still looking forward to his birthday. Sweet Dreams my sweet little babies, mommy will hold you someday and this brief farewell will be forgotten.
With all our Love, Mommy, Daddy, Aaron, Christian, and Austin


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