stillborn 18th March 2004.
Remembered by Grandma:
Aolani~ My precious granddaughter.... you are my first grandbaby you know? I had so many hopes and dreams for you. I imagined your entire life before you were even born. I could just imagine what a great father your daddy was going to be. We always listened to that song, “Butterfly Kisses“ and oh it hurts now baby girl.. you were so beautiful, so perfect.. I don't understand why you had to leave us. You are so loved by so many people Aolani, and your daddy is having a very hard time lately. He is my first baby boy, and I hate to see him in pain, could you please help him? And please give your Aunt Melodie, Uncle Quintin, and Uncle Jakob a kiss and hug for me. I know they're taking good care of you. Godspeed Aolani, I'll hold you in Heaven... ~Grandma, xoxo


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