born June 4, 1993 and died June 4, 1993.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, twin brother Anthony and little brother Michael:
It was October 31st and I was sure the Ob/Gyn was playing a trick (or treat) on me when she said the ultrasound showed twins! It was so exciting. Never have I seen such kindness from people, everyone helped us get ready for our twins! Everything went so well and the nursery was picture perfect. Labor started uneventfully. Suddenly, an emergency c-section. Identical twins, Anthony 6 lbs, 7 oz. was born first and you, a healthy and fully grown 5 lbs., born seconds later, but it was too late. A cord accident. Alas, we never got the chance to look into your eyes, to feel your heartbeat, smell your sweet breath, touch your soft skin, or hear your cooing and crying. Losing you has been the single most heartwrenching, tragic, and incomprehensible event in my life. I grieve for the special relationship that was lost to you and your twin brother and for the wonder and astonishment I should have experienced raising twins. I will never forget you, and neither will Daddy or your 2 brothers.


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