miscarried April 10, 1998.
Remembered by Mother, Nicole Javier, and Father, Victor Gallow:
My little one, you were conceived out of love and we could not wait for your arrival. However, God needed you more and even though Mommy and Daddy wanted you here with us to love and protect, it just was not meant to be. But, we know you are looking down on us and we just want you to know that you meant everything to us and you can never be replaced. Mommy and Daddy are still trying to have another little one, but you will always be special to us and we will never forget you. Please send your blessings down to us from up above and help us to be graced with another baby, because Mommy and Daddy seem to be having a hard time. We love you so much and miss you even more! Love and hugs, Mommy and Daddy


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