stillborn June 7, 2004.
Remembered by Diana & Daniel Garcia Jr, Terra, Daniel III, The Bocanegra's, Letty & Amanda Garcia, Dora & Guadalup:
I would just like to say that even though the memory of my Gabriel being gone will always stay in my heart and in the hearts of those who came to his funeral, the pain is still going to be there forever. I lost my son due to some unknown problems and in the process, was born stillborn. I know that his spirit will live on forever, but don't feel ashamed if in your time of grief, you feel the need to wish that he/she was really with you. Don't be scared that if your thoughts reflect a more 'stingy' aproach. Ex., 'I want him/her here with me. Not up on heaven. Here in my arms.' That is how I looked at it alot and still do today. I know that will never change. So don't feel as if this is the wrong thing to think-believe me, it's not.So please, I know it's odd to say but, ask God for help, strength, and courage or whatever helps to try to soothe the pain of your loss. But don't worry, because in the long run, you won't worry about your lost one either. And that's a good thing. Blessed be with whomever reads this and may God help to answer all your prayers in your time of need. Diana Garcia- Gabriel's Mother


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