born June 2, 1997 and died January 3, 1999.
Remembered by D. L. Decker:
You were not my son but I love you the same. You were your Daddy's life and he misses you so much. I can't believe you've been gone a month tomorrow. It was a beautiful Sunday, you were so happy to be up and awake to play and love and just be with your Daddy. Then that night your Grandma called and said you were gone. You were one year, seven months and one day when we were robbed of your smiles and love. You touched many lives, Justin, with your joy and laughter. You have a half sister in heaven with you, her name is Alyssa Jean. We lost her due to miscarriage. It seems we should not have this pain in life, but it was worth it to be a part of your too-short life. Please help me watch over your Daddy because I love him so. Watch over your Mommy, I can't imagine the pain she's in. Give us strength, Lord, as we find out the truth and let justice prevail. Let us do everything we can so this precious boy's death was not in vain. We love you always, Scooter.


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