born November 18 1999 and died July 22 2000.
Remembered by NANA (Dorene):
If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I would walk right up to Heaven to bring you home again. Alyssa died from MCAD.......she was missing a gene that breaks down the fat that produces sugar. She had the flu one day and her body shut down overnight. My grandson Austin now 8 we found after Alyssa's death also has MCAD, he is being treated with carnitine a supplement and has to eat sugary food and starches. Had they tested her at birth with her pku test for FOD disorders it would have been detetected and she would be with us today. MCAD is often misdiagnosed for SIDS, SUDS and Rye, however they now test after a child has died. Some states test for Fod disorders but not many and in our country we are trying to get our government to start screening at birth to prevent such deaths.


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