born June 16, 2004 and died July 5, 2004.
Remembered by Mommy (Casey) and Daddy (Shawn):
How fortunate we were to be able to hold you in our arms for 19 days. You were our perfect little angel here, and we know that you are the perfect angel in Heaven. We love you so much, and we will never stop loving you. You took with you and now own a little piece of both of us. We wanted you from the very beginning. We were so excited about you and so blessed to have the little time we did have with you. You are still our angel and will always be our firstborn. You are not forgotten, sugar plum. You are still an important part of our family. Heaven is most assuredly a little sweeter with you there. Have no doubts that Mommy and Daddy will hold you again. We love you, little man.


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