stillborn 23rd February 2004.
Remembered by Mummy, Daddy, Lucy and all your loving family.:
Our ever growing flower, how we miss you. So tiny, so precious, so beautiful. Words cannot fill this page to tell you how much we think of you and long to share your cuddles. Why you could not stay with us here, only God knows and we are hoping he has a good reason. I know we all cry alot, especially mummy, but this is because we miss you and can't wait to see you again, to meet for the second time, the first being so short. You live forever strong in our hearts and minds and as long as the sky stands above our heads, we will never forget you. A star that shines bright in the deep night sky, will always remind me of you. A precious and priceless gem that i just cant touch. One day sweetheart, we will share those long needed cuddles. Until then, play nicely with your friends and tell Nanna and Grandpa to take good care of you. I love you, we all do.


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