born July 20, 2002 and died July 20 and 21, 2002.
Remembered by NANA and Papa:
Happy Birthday my precious angels, you would be two years old today and we still miss you so very much. You live on in our hearts and minds everyday of our lives. I talked to your sister today and wished her a happy birthday and she was so excited. I try to imagine how it would have been had you all lived to celebrate birthdays. I still know that God has a special plan for Brynna because he let us keep her. We see you growing in her everyday. I didn't get to go to her party this year because your Aunt Robin and Uncle Zach had you a new baby cousin. Her name is Madelyn Jewel Wilson and just like your sisters, she is beautiful. Now the two of you will have to help watch over her and tell Papa Lawrence all about her. Be good boys and say hello to everyone for us and wait on us because we will all be together again someday. Love you, Nana


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