miscarried February.
Remembered by Mommy, and Grandma:
I know I am young only 18, but i think about you everyday. Grandma said it was god's way of growing up but my tears still pour. I am sure your day thinks of u too, I sure even although he said bad things he would love u too. I may have lost my senior years but i ratter give up a lot for you. I hurt for your touch but i know one day we will be toghther. It amazing how i can love u but never meet u, I know me and your daddy are apart but i know we love each other, but can't be togther. Alexis your birthday is coming and it keeps getting harder.Why mine when i would love her and give up it all. Now i am going to college and trying to be the best i can. When things go good or bad i think of u. I am doing what i can to be succesful but miss u. no one talks anymore besides sometimes, but i do, i feel like i shouln't but do i love you w/ all my heart baby and i think of you day and night. Love you moomy


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