born 8-5-04 and died 8-6-04.
Remembered by Your Auntie D:
Maddie your were only in my life for 26hrs.But I felt you move inside your mommys tummy.I was so happy to hear we were going to have a girl in the family besides your sister but with 4other boys we needed some sugar and spice.I was there outside the OR waiting to see you and I did you looked like an angel from the beggining.The night grammy called and said you didnt make it my heart broke in half.When I got to the hospital and your mommy asked if my and aunt dar wanted to go see you I said yes.OH Maddie to hold you and kiss you and to count your fingers and toes was wonderfull and to tell you how much I love you and I will never forget you.I still dont know why god wanted you with him because we all wanted you so much.YOur big sister Kaitlyn was so looking forward to having you to show you the girl stuff.Her little heart is broken also but god has a reson to take you from us I just wanted to tell you again I love you so much you were so pretty and I am glad I got to hold you and talk to you. I love you my sweet angel in heavan we will ever forget your sweet face Love you will all my heart and I am sorry you cant be with us but god and your great grandmas will take care of you Love you with all my heart Auntie D.


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