born January 29, 1998 and died January 29, 1998.
Remembered by her parents, Dawn and Stephen George:
Our precious Meghan was "too beautiful for this world" -
Some people only dream of angels, we held one in our arms...
For Meghan
In a twinklin of an eye,
A princess said "goodbye."
For me not to cry-
I'm an angel flying high.
And, when my name comes to mind-
Look what I left behind
All the love we shared,
And all the time I knew you cared,
And all the smiles I gave you,
Are just the start of something new-
Blessings from above and
a very special love
are what I give to thee
so in YOU, all
will see, and Angel
Partly ME.
Written by Grandpa Banks, January 1998
It should be known-
We never lose the ones we love
For, even though they're gone,
Within our hearts of those who care,
Their memory lingers on...
Meghan Mommy and Daddy love you and you have touched so many hearts...
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