born July 20, 2004 and died July 29, 2004.
Remembered by all your friends and family, posted by Anne:
Jensen Carter we love you so much. We need your love to please strengthen us right now. We are still so sad that you are gone. I know your mommy really misses you and longs to hold you still, please send her some comfort. I really miss you too. I still see your sweet innocent face when I first got to hold you. You were so beautiful and perfect. I was so glad I was going to be a part of your life. I am so sorry I never got to see you smile or hear you laugh. I will try to imagine what you may have looked like doing those things. My grief is so deep that I do not even realize the depth. I am trying to be strong for your mommy and daddy, I hope that I can at least bring them some small measure of comfort. Jensen, we all miss you, all your aunts and uncles, your grammies and grampies, and everyone else who you would have grown up with. We will keep you in our hearts forever and always say your name. We love you! Rest in Jesus' arms awhile baby boy.


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