born August 15, 1998 and died August 12, 1998.
Remembered by Charlotte, John, Sam and Billy Gledson:
Daniel looked so peaceful when he was born, though he was simply sleeping. He had Johnni's nose, and had hair just like our firstborn, Sam. When the midwifes took him back, it was then, I felt the pain, felt the overwhelming shock that he had actually died and that I wouldn't be holding him again. I will always remember his smell, his tiny fingers and feet, so perfect in everyway. I will always remember his movement inside me, life inside me. If only his life lasted longer so I could have seen his eyes open and hear his cry.... I feel so vacant now, though I know he is above looking down on us, our angel. But, that doesn't take away the ache of longing a mother needs when she is crying out for her son. My arms remain empty, but my heart knows he's within me.
I love you Daniel, we all miss you. watch us, guide us, and may God keep you safe until I can hold you myself in heaven above. xx


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