miscarried April 7, 2004.
Remembered by Maman, Papa, et ton grand frère Simon:
We had always wanted to give Simon, your big brother, a sibling he could play with, hang around with, just spend time with. We found out in March that it was finally going to happen- we were blessed! You were going to be a Christmas baby! But no sooner did we learn of your presence that you were gone. Just a short time you spent with us, but we will remember you for a lifetime. Two months after your untimely passing we were yet again blessed, and we know that your spirit lives and will live on in your baby brother Justin, who is due in February 2005. We will never know what might've been, but we will forever feel blessed. One day we will tell your brothers about you when they're older, because we want them to remember you. Now and forever we will keep you in our hearts until one day, when we shall meet in heaven, and we will be together again. We miss you terribly little angel, and we will remember you always. We love you. Maman, Papa, ton grand frère Simon et ton p'tit frère Justin xoxo


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