miscarried 14th June 2004.
Remembered by Mummy and Daddy:
Sunshine, We love you so much and miss you so much too, Each day without you is oh so blue, You came into our lives and gave us so much joy You are still our very much loved and missed little boy We pray up in Heaven you are loved just as much We pray for your smiles, your kisses, your touch This day will come oh but so soon The day we can hold you and dance on the moon The day we are a family once again But for now we still live with the pain Because darling we miss you lots Not too see you grow from a baby to a tot Not to see a boy grow to a man But we keep all the memories of you that we can The lines on the pregnancy test, the growing tum the bond we made, the songs we hum The feeling of hope, the feeling of joy Knowing we had such a lovely beautiful little boy So now you in heaven and that where you stay Until the moment, until that day, The day we hold you, the day we are complete The moment we will cherish, the moment so sweet. For now angel we lay you to rest We lay you to sleep with the very best We love you so much and pray for you too Daddy and I love you God Bless now little angel, we send kisses for you Catch every one and taste every tear too Always in our hearts Sunshine Hadfield taken to heaven before his life on earth - 14th June 2004 Loved and Missed so much by Mummy and Daddy xxxx


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