born November 26,2003 and died November 26,2003.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy and Angelina and Marianne:
My sweet angel was born full term and lived three hours.He had trisomy13,we found that out in my seventh month of pregnacy from an amnio.It has been the most difficult thing we had ever been through.There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him.I loved him from the moment I found out I was pregant.He was struggling for ever breath he took it just broke my heart to see him suffering like that.HE died in my arms and then the angels took him home,I know he will be at the gates waiting for me when my time comes.I love you my little angel.Please protect your big sisters and your whole family.Until we meet again,you will live on in my heart.Love always,mommy daddy Angelina and Marianne.


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