stillborn July 21, 1989.
Remembered by Mother:
I have always admired the PIETA, a statue of Mary holding Jesus after He was crucified. Not until after I lost my daughter did I really understand the significance. I wrote these words just before my daughter's anniversary this year. Whether or not you are Catholic, maybe this will help you to see that Mary is a Mother that lost her son, too.
The Sorrowful Mother
O Mary, I look at your life with Jesus with love and reverence.
At the Annunciation, when you answered "Yes"...
At the Nativity, when you nourished Him at your breast...
I love to meditate upon all you must have taught Him...
At the Wedding Feast at Cana, you called Him forth to
His first miracle and into His ministry...
How was I to know when I asked you to unite my heart with yours,
you'd show me the sword that pierced your Immaculate Heart,
as they Crucified your Son, and placed Him in your arms...
You'd ask me to place mine there too?
Peggy, June 1998


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