miscarried November 18, 2004.
Remembered by Dan & Crystal Lambert:
Our lil Angel was taken from us to soon, to soon for us to hold and love, I know in my heart that he is in the most carring hands of all but that does not remove all the greif in my heart and the longing I have to see him and hold his as I did that day. His hands so tiny I wish I could have felt them wrap around mine. His face so samll and loving I wanted to see his eyes so full of love. I know that he is in a wonderful place and I hope he know that his mommy and daddy loved him then and we still love him now and always will. We miss you and love you Occasionally God needs perfect angels, and the only way he can get them is to take one that is not corrupted by this world and all its evils. God I know in my heart you have my perfect angel and will keep him safe.


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