miscarried February 9, 1999.
Remembered by Momma, Annette Gribbins:
I lost my baby
My baby died
No heartbeat, no sound
I never got to hear the "gallop"
I never felt the joy of life
I did see it beating....160 is what I saw
Then....nothing at all
No small white mass that was your heart
No beating of your heart
No life
So, you were taken by Gods hand
I will always wonder what you looked like
the color of your hair and eyes
the shape of your face and nose
the things you would have done
the kind of life you would have lived
All of these things I will never know
I will never be able to put a face on you
I will never hear your laughter
I will never hear your cries
I will always have a place for you
deep in my heart
You will never be forgotten
You will always be loved
Take care my little one
My little one safe above


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