born July 20,2002 and died July 20 and 21, 2002.
Remembered by Nana:
Merry Christmas my darlings. I wish for you a very special Christmas sharing it with our Lord and Savior. How much better can that be than to share Jesus' birthday with him. We want you to know that we love you and still miss you everyday of our lives. The holidays just seem to make our loss seem harder to bear. I know that you have met your Grandpa Surratt by now, isn't he great and he will love you and help PawPa take care of you and help you celebrate Christmas. Your mom and dad are here with us tonight along with your sisters and who are getting bigger everyday. I tell Brynna all about you and someday she will understand where her brothers are. I know she doesn't understand right now about how she was a triplet, but someday she will. I guess I had better close this for now and I will come again on your bithdays. I just had to say that I love you and miss you every second of every day. Love you forever, Your Nana


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