born November 29. 2001 and died November 29, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy:
HEAVEN IS ALOT LIKE HOME I left without saying goodbye I never wanted to leave They welcomed me in They took me beneath their wings As I walked beside them Being guided to eternity I looked back to see you Kneeling, crying in pain I fought my way back As far as I could go They promised me That you would be okay They told me That I'd see you once again That I'd hold you once again Then I saw your tears go away They placed a warm memory Inside your mind It brought a smile upon your face You stood up and walked away From the very spot your tears laid They told me never to give up hope They said you need memories And they showed me how To pass a memory to you All I gotta do Is think of you And you begin to think of me Let me tell you this so far I never wanted to leave my home But this place has been great Believe me, Heaven is alot like Home. We miss and love you everyday our precious angel!!


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