stillborn Decmber 23, 2004.
Remembered by (Mom) Janesca Gonzales, (Dad) Logan Gaitan, (Grandparents) Linda and Pablo Barrientos, and Eugene Ga:
Dear Mom. I had to leave, please understand I'm resting now in God's own hand. I was just too weak, too sick to stay, I would never run or jump or play. That's not the way it's supposed to be; A child wants more -- I hope you'll see. I wanted to smile, to play, to love, So I had to return to my Father above. Mom, I thank you for keeping me close, For giving me love, for keeping me warm, For rubbing your belly and giving soft pats. They comforted me and I love you for that. Maybe some evening, late at night. You'll look to the heavens and see a light, A star that is twinkling high above, It's me -- and I'm sending you my love. “In memory of Kylen Hayden Gaitan” December 23, 2004-December 23, 2004


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